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MISERY Prequel Trailer 🔪: Today In Books

Misery Prequel Trailer 🔪

In greatest-casting-ever news: Castle Rock season two will explore Misery and Salem’s Lot with Lizzie Caplan playing young Annie Wilkes. I know! And we have the first trailer for the Hulu original show’s second season. I’m not scared, are you?!

Julie Murphy + Faith!

The awesome author Julie Murphy (Dumplin’, Ramona Blue, Dear Sweet Pea) has now written a YA novel centering the Valiant superhero Faith! You can check out the cover and read an excerpt while we wait for the July 2020 release of Faith: Taking Flight.

Star Wars And Le Creuset For The Win!

This is one of those awesome collaborations that feels like even people who don’t cook are like “Well, but I can just display it on the counter.” And, yes, yes you can! You can check out the exclusive Le Creuset Star Wars collection that will hit stores on November 1st in this pretty cool video.