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REBEL GIRLS Labeled Adults-Only In Turkey: Today In Books

Rebel Girls Labeled Adults-Only In Turkey

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is to be hidden in view from anyone under 18 and only sold to adults in Turkey for fear of its “detrimental influence.” The children’s book is filled with inspiring stories about women throughout history. From author Francesca Cavallo: “When a government is scared by a children’s book promoting equality, that means that promoting these messages through children’s literature can have and is having an impact, and it makes me even more motivated to keep fighting every day.”


The creators of the Paddington films are creating a Pippi Longstocking film! Based on the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s children’s series, the ridiculously strong and free spirited Pippi has been entertaining readers and audiences since the ’40s and I can’t wait for this new adaptation.

New Independent Bookstore

Married couple Eric Judy (former Modest Mouse bassist) and Desirae Wilkerson (interior designer) have opened a new independent bookstore in West Seattle. “’Even when I was in the band,’ said Judy, in the store this month, ‘I always wanted to own a bookstore.’” Bookish rock stars for the win.