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Fall Book Events Not To Miss: Today In Books

Fall Book Events Not To Miss

ELLE has rounded up 9 book events this fall to certainly put on your calendar if you’re near. There’s a book club for The Testatments, a Patti Smith performance, Zadie Smith events and more! Check them out here.

Looking For Alaska Gets New Narrator

John Green’s Looking For Alaska is not only getting a Hulu adaptation (Oct. 18), but also a new audiobook edition (Sept. 24). And the narrator is Wil Wheaton who you probably already know from film and television–or maybe from prior audiobook narrations like Ready Player One.

Nelly Sachs Prize Awarded Then Withdrawn

A German jury awarded the Nelly Sachs prize to Kamila Shamsie but later rescinded their votes and withdrew the award citing Shamsie’s support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. “In May, the German parliament passed a motion labelling the BDS movement as antisemitic, calling it ‘reminiscent of the most terrible chapter in German history.’ The motion was criticised by 60 Jewish and Israeli academics, who said in an open letter that it was part of a trend ‘labelling supporters of Palestinian human rights as antisemitic.'”