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Spend The Night In A Library In Wales: Today In Books

Spend The Night In A Library In Wales

Gladstone’s Library, located in a small village in north Wales, offers overnight stays! Which it has done since 1906. Learn all about it, and check out this writer’s amazing experience, here.

The Handmaid’s Tale Sequel Also Getting Adaptation

This seemed so obvious to happen that it felt like news we already knew: Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments, publishing next week and set 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale, will be adapted by MGM TV and Hulu. Get all the details, including Atwood’s statement, here.

Libraries Are Beautiful Things

Des Moines Public Library partnered with the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department to host monarch tagging events on the 12th, 16th, and 17th of this month. “Families will get a chance to learn more about ‘the king of butterflies,’ the environmental cues they use to know when it’s time to travel, and what mysteries still surround their annual treks.”