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Mysteries That Combine Real History With Whodunnit

Hi mystery fans! Book Riot recently did “crime day” on the site so I got the link to all those awesome posts, some news–which will start gearing back up now with fall, I promise–your kindle deals, and some more things I think you’d like to know!

From Book Riot And Around The Internet

Uptown Thief cover imageAya de Leon: Fiction of Empathy and Escapism

We’re Celebrating Crime Day!

True Crime: Beyond Serial Killers And Sensationalized Crimes

10 of the Best True Crime Books

12 (Mostly) Enamel Pins For Mystery and True Crime Fans

Rincey and Katie talk news, recent releases, and mysteries for Women in Translation month on the latest Read or Dead!

widows of malabar hill cover image5 Historical Mysteries That Combine Real History With Whodunnit

Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike Series in Order

10 Canadian thrillers and mysteries to check out this summer

What Book Does Ruth Ware Call ‘Truly Terrifying’?

News And Adaptations

BBC Studios-Backed Firebird Pictures Developing TV Adaptation Of Snowboarding Thriller ‘Shiver’

BBC Buys ‘Vienna Blood’ Crime Thriller Series from ‘Sherlock’ Writer (EXCLUSIVE)

Look of the Week: The style casebook of Joan Watson on Elementary

This one scene explains what makes Netflix’s Mindhunter so scary

Kindle Deals

A Study in Scarlet Women cover imageIf all my shouting about Sherry Thomas’ A Study In Scarlet Women still hasn’t gotten you to read it maybe its current price of $2.99 will?! (Review) (TW past rape–if memory serves right.)

If “a fractured family is forced to reunite literary novel that is held together by a mystery and sprinkled with suspense” sounds like your jam Dead Letters by by Caite Dolan-Leach is $4.99! (I do not remember trigger warnings, sorry.)

A Bit Of My Week In Reading

How Quickly She Disappears cover imageStarted: Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly on audio, which seems like a real fitting read right now.

Finished: How Quickly She Disappears by Raymond Fleischmann (Jan 14, 2020) which is a great historical suspense with a running thread of low level creep factor throughout. (TW child abuse/ suicidal thoughts/ pedophile)

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