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Children’s Literature Museum Under Construction: Today In Books

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Melissa & Doug, Publishers

Anyone who has browsed children’s toys knows the Melissa & Doug brand. Now, browsers of children’s books will be coming across the name on a newly launched line of children’s books to be published in-house.

In More Kid Lit News

We just put out a Literary Tourism guide to Kansas City, and it will be out of date already by next year, for a most delightful reason. Former booksellers there are set to open a twentieth century children’s literature museum with immersive, inclusive exhibits.

Technically, Most Star Trek Properties Are Prequels to the Picard Show, but You Know What We Mean

If you’re a SFF Yeah! listener, you heard me and Jenn get excited about the announcement of a new Star Trek series featuring Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Now there’s more to be pumped about: we’re going to get a prequel to the new show in the form of a novel and a comic miniseries!