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Based On Data, These Are The Best 2019 Summer Books: Today In Books

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Based On Data, These Are The Best 2019 Summer Books

Book nerds unite: Quartz looked at 67 2019 summer book lists to determine which had to be the best–based on how many times they were found on lists. The top two books–City of Girls and The Nickel Boys–were found 29 and 20 times on lists. Check out all the titles here and get your summer read on.

Largest Educational Books Publisher Puts Ebooks First

Pearson, the largest educational books publisher in North America, will now only have physical texts on a rental basis in order to favor ebooks. Read about it here for part of the debate over whether digital is more beneficial to students or not.

Thor 4 Will Be Funny!

Taika Waititi will officially be directing Thor 4 and bringing his amazing humor to the franchise again–Hulk bum, anyone? Anyhoo, this is great news for all of Thor: Ragnarok’s fans but not so great news for the in-development Akira adaptation since now, thanks to scheduling conflict, it’s being shelved. Read all about it here.