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SWAMP THING Cancelled Due To Accounting Error: Today In Books

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Swamp Thing Cancelled Due To Accounting Error

Swamp Thing was cancelled shortly after it started airing on DC Universe leading to speculations and questions. According to writer John Gholson the show was cancelled because of an accounting error that diminished a $40 million tax rebate North Carolina had promised WarnerMedia. Always follow the money.

Wonder Woman 1984 Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

A poster for Wonder Woman 1984 was unveiled this week and it’s a good thing the heart-eyes emoji is unlimited or the world would have run out. It’s all the colors, and fun, and beautiful–and June 5, 2020 is so far away I might cry.

Jessica Jones New Trailer

The third, and final, season of Jessica Jones will be streaming on Netflix in a week but till then we can get all the sarcasm and anger we’ve missed from Jones in this trailer. It’s intense!