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University Library Discovers 3 Poisonous Books: Today In Books

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University Library Discovers 3 Poisonous Books

While poisonous books make for a great item in a fictional plot, we don’t really want them on the shelves of libraries in real life. Which is what happened at the University of Southern Denmark library which found they had three books, from 16th and 17th centuries, with covers containing large amounts of arsenic. Read here for all the interesting details and tests.

Tilda Swinton Curates Orlando Exhibition And Magazine Issue

Talk about a role that stayed with an actor: 27 years after starring in the adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, Swinton has chosen Orlando as the theme for an exhibit and magazine issue from Aperture. If you’ll be in New York between May 25th and July 11th you can check out the exhibition at Aperture Gallery. For now look at these gorgeous images.

Another Study Proves Books Are Amazing

A study by Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has found that toddlers who are regularly read to “are less likely to be hyperactive or disruptive” and those doing the reading “are less likely to engage in harsh parenting.” Another win-win for books and reading! You can read all the details here.