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A Zombie Threat Might Not Be Imminent, but…

Welcome to In The Club, a newsletter of resources to keep your book group well-met, well-read, and well-fed.

Hola, friends! I am wrapping this newsletter on the patio of a hotel in Miami en route to Cuba, trying really hard to see the layer of dew on my skin as a “natural glow” and not just the sheen of sweat that 80% humidity will give a person. Same difference, I guess?? I’m working on about three hours sleep and I’m not sure how I’m standing, but with a little cafe con leche, a good book, and plenty of sea, sand & sunshine in my future, I’m one happy girl.

Before I shut this laptop for a week, let’s talk survival skills, craft nights, some bookish getting-to-know-you things and more. To the club!

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Question for the Club

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Book Club Craft Corner

Trader Joe’s already gets a substantial portion of my paycheck; where else can I get well-priced cheese, non-boring salads, and a pretty tasty canned rosé?!? Well they’ve apparently given us all yet another reason to hand over our monies: bookish greetings cards!

Book Club Bonus: This Trader Joe’s post has me thinking it might be fun to do a book club + craft night. Gather round for book chat, have a bit and a sip, then bust out the paints and colored pencils to make bookish greeting cards of your own. If greeting cards aren’t your bag, you could also make bookmarks. Go with the crafting flow and have a little something to take home after book club.

We Didn’t Start the Fire…Those Book Club Kids Did

Hillcrest High School in Country Club Hills, Illinois has this book club thing figured out. To get students hype for reading Kat Falls’ Inhuman, librarian Lisa Walsh has her students learning survival skills that might come in handy if they found themselves in a dystopian zombiepocalypse like the one in the book. They’re out here learning everything from how to tell a poisonous plant from one with healing properties to how to start a fire. How cool is that??

Book Club Bonus: Let’s learn from these brilliant librarians and teens and have our own Survivor: Book Club Edition! I for one am sorely lacking in a lot of those basic survival skills and could stand to learn them. A zombie threat might not be imminent, but a girl could go camping one day, you know?! You don’t have to go with apocalypse survival skills though; apply the same idea to whatever theme you select. Learn to bake, learn to cook, learn to change a tire or the oil in a car… use your book pick as inspiration and see where it takes you.

Playing Favorites

I know I’m a bookseller, but I have to confess: I feel like a babbling mess whenever I go to pitch a book that doesn’t fit neatly in one category! In the latest episode of Recommended, Elizabeth McCracken and our very own Rincey Abraham each recommend a favorite read that’s a little hard to categorize. They are thankfully both much smoother at it than your girl.  

Book Club Bonus: Speaking of favorites and reading recs, I love getting to know a person by reading a book that they recommend. While I think most of us try to find selections that no one in book group has read before, but how about deliberately going back to our faves?  Take turns reading your club members’ most beloved reads and see what fun (or maybe dark & twisty, who knows!) things you find out about each other. Mea culpa in advance if you find out your book buddies are some weirdos. Whoops….

Suggestion Section

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Stay bad & bookish, my friends.