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Librarians Are Google To Prison Inmates: Today In Books

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Librarians Are Google To Prison Inmates

What’s a person to do if they have no access to Google? Ask a librarian of course. The San Francisco Public Library receives about 60 letters a week with questions from prison inmates ranging from helpful resources for when they’re released to questions about technology. And of course for song lyrics. But the process isn’t as quick or easy as just Googling it–read more here.

App Summarizes Business Books Into 12 Minutes

Apparently business leaders are too busy to read the business books on their shelves, so Steve Cunningham created The app summarizes the most important business books into 12 minutes–including animated video summaries.

*Muppet Arms* Even More Killing Eve

The second season of Killing Eve just started and already we have news from BBC America that there will in fact be a murderous third season. And looks like the show will continue to change its showrunner/lead writer/producer every season as Suzanne Heathcote will get a crack at running this cat-and-mouse thriller next season.