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Oprah Building Biggest Book Club On Planet: Today In Books

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Oprah Is Building The Biggest Book Club On The Planet

Do we expect anything less? Oprah announced that, along with two documentaries, she’s working with Apple TV Plus “building the biggest, most vibrant, most stimulating book club on the planet… I want to literally convene a meeting of the minds connecting us through books.” There aren’t many details yet because Apple–*shakes fists*–but I look forward to Oprah screaming “And you get a book!”

Anthony Bourdain Book Tribute

CNN compiled photographs and tributes of Bourdain for his daughter as a keepsake gift, and his estate decided to also publish it as a book for his fans. Anthony Bourdain Remembered will publish on May 28th–have tissues handy.

Newest Development: 2019 RITA Finalists

The 2019 RITA Finalists were announced last week and, again, RITA was really white. The racial bias/racism in Romance publishing and the RITAs (the highest industry award for romance authors) has been pointed out so many times that it’s happening again had many rightfully angry and frustrated. RWA President HelenKay Dimon has released a statement with the steps RWA intends to take.