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Dan McFakerPants Mallory Is Nominated for A British Book Award : Today In Books

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Fake It Till You Make It, I Guess

Remember that bananapants story about Dan Mallory, a.k.a. A.J. Finn, the guy who faked a bout with cancer, pretended to be British, and left cups of urine in his office? Turns out all of that behavior got him… nominated for a British Book Award. Oh, ok.

Here So White, There So White, Everywhere So White White

It’s no shocker to anyone that BIPOC representation is lacking in publishing, but some new data on the RITAS is next-level disappointing.  Hashtags #ritassowhite , #ritadata , and this thread on 20 years of RITA data show that the RITAs average only 4% representation of BIPOC. *shakes fists at the sky*

The Emperor of All Science Writers

First: I really wanted to call this section “The Emperor of All Mukherjees.” Second: Siddhartha Mukherjee deserves all of the prizes for his contributions to oncological research, patient care, and his accessible, informative, and demystifying writing on cancer. Good thing the folks who award the Lewis Thomas prize agree.