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Stephen King’s Tweet Saves Paper’s Book Review Section: Today In Books

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The Power Of Twitter

The Portland Press Herald was cutting regional book reviews that were locally written. That was until Stephen King tweeted his dismay and the paper challenged that if he could get them 100 subscribers they’d reverse their decision. He did and they did, so for now the book reviews live on another day.

Atria Launches New Imprint

Signal Press, headed by Julia Cheiffetz, will publish books about our current social and political injustices, and has already been busy at work having acquired 11 books. A couple of the forthcoming titles are How to Raise a Boy: Rethinking Gender in America After #Metoo by Emma Brown and Ida B the Queen by Michelle Duster.

Move Over Fifty Shades Of Grey

Literally. Michelle Obama has broken Fifty Shades streak of holding the #1 spot on Amazon’s best-selling books with her memoir Becoming.