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Hogwarts Made Out Of 60lbs Of Gingerbread: Today In Books

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And It’s Totally Edible!

This took some serious time–3 days–and it was totally worth it because look at this 60lb Hogwarts replica made of gingerbread! Point me to the parts made of crispy rice treats, please.

Fourth-Grader Publishes Anti-Bullying Book

After being prescribed glasses Marcayah Carter began being teased at school. Her response? To write a story about a friendship that ends when one friend begins to bully the other. As a surprise from her mom Don’t be a Bully: Love Always got illustrated and printed and began selling, including on Amazon. I’ll just be over here singing Whitney Houston NOT crying–you’re crying!

Canadian Public Libraries Want Better Prices From Publishers

Public Canadian Libraries say that the big publishers are not only not pricing fairly but are also restricting e-books and audiobooks. While this has always been a problem, it seems it’s only gotten worse in the last two years. “Libraries are about freedom to access and information, and we need to maintain relevance going into the future if we’re going to continue to be a valuable service for the public.” Read here for more detail.