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Book That’s Been On Shelf Since 1991 Finally Sells: Today In Books

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Tom Cruise Is Shorter Than Jack Reacher

Are you a Jack Reacher fan for whom Tom Cruise just didn’t measure up in the film adaptations? Good news: author Lee Child agrees. He’s negotiated his way to a Cruise-less television version of the ex-army investigator’s adventures, and invites fans to suggest tall(er) actors for the lead role.

Husband Brings Wife Flowers

Michelle Obama, a writer and lawyer from Chicago, is on tour for her memoir¬†Becoming. While at a stop in Washington, D.C., her husband surprised her onstage with a bouquet. Flowers are nice, but I think we’d all rather he just go get his old job back…

Book Sells After Nearly Three Decades On The Shelf

An indie bookstore in northwest England has had a children’s biography of William the Conqueror in stock since 1991. And yesterday, somebody bought it. The bookshop touchingly tweeted, “We always knew its day would come.”