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Ex-Cop Rigged The McDonald’s Monopoly Game–McSting Included!

Hi mystery fans! Here’s to a bookish weekend!

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In a dingy office, the door bears the names of A. Kimrean and Z. Kimrean. Private Eyes. Behind the door there is only one desk, one androgynous PI. A.Z., as they are collectively known, are brother and sister. He’s pure misanthropic logic, she’s hedonistic creativity. The Kimreans have been locked in mortal battle since they were in utero…which is tricky because they, very literally, share one single body. This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us is a brilliantly subversive and comic thriller celebrating noir detectives and action movies, that can only come from the mind of Edgar Cantero.

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Holmes-Trotting: 6 International Sherlock Holmes Adaptations You Need in Your Life

dead girls cover imageGoodreads asked Alice Bolin, author of Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession, and journalist-turned-crime novelist Laura Lippman to discuss a recurring theme in crime fiction: “a beautiful girl dies, and a man feels bad about it.” What we got was a rollicking conversation about women readers, the power of noir, and why there’s something sinister in romantic-comedy plots.

Why the Fashion on Killing Eve Is Its Own Delicious Subplot

Last week I told you about how much I loved Courtney Summer’s upcoming novel Sadie (it’s so freaking smart and good) and here she is talking about the importance of victim’s voices. Plus, there’s a giveaway for a signed copy of her novel.

10 Things I’d Like My Readers To Know About Me By Ausma Zehanat Khan (Author of the Rachel Getty & Esa Khattak series which I love.)

Giveaway: You can win 16 AWESOME books featured on the Recommended podcast! Y’all are so lucky!

Adaptations and News

cover image: zoomed in image of mouth with red lipstick bitting bottom lipThe leads have been cast for USA Network’s adaptation of Megan Abbott’s novel Dare Me.

Tiffany D. Jackson’s next book sounds amazing! (Author of Allegedly and Monday’s Not Coming)

John Krasinski steps out of The Office and into Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on this week’s EW cover

True Crime

Laura Lippman explores her own ethics in crime writing: When Crime Comes from the Crime Writer

How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions (McSting included!)

A scene from Netflix’s The Break with Michelle Wolf where she hilariously takes on True Crime

52 Great True Crime Podcasts

Kindle Deals

Villain by Shuichi Yoshida cover imageVillain by Shuichi Yoshida, Philip Gabriel (Narrator) is $4.99 (Japanese crime high on my TBR!)

What You Don’t Know by JoAnn Chaney is $2.99 and it’s one of my favorite crime books! (Review) (I don’t remember the TWs but it’s a serial killer novel.)

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas is $1.99! (Good YA psychological thriller: Review) (TW suicide)

A Bit Of My Week In Reading

a line in the dark by malinda lo cover imageAlmost finished with the audiobook for A Line in the Dark by Malinda Lo which is a slow burn psychological where everyone is pretty much unreliable, there’s toxic relationships (best friend love obsessions), and of course a murder.

I started Sister of Mine by Laurie Petrou which so far has a bunch of vague little blips where either something bad happened that these two sisters are hiding or something bad is about to happen with these two sisters–or both! Either way I’m invested.

And because I didn’t already have enough audiobooks I just loaded An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena, Our House by Louise Candlish, and Bad Man by Dathan Auerbach into my phone!

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