Win a Pair of AirPods!

When Macmillan wanted to sponsor an audiobook-related giveaway and was open to suggestions, I knew immediately what I wanted to do: give away some Apple AirPods.

Because I can honestly say that they are crucial to my audiobook listening life. They get great battery life. They pair easily with all bluetooth devices and darn near magically if you have an Apple device. They have a fantastic case that charges as you store them. And they also work as a great headset if you for some terrible reason have to talk on the phone.

I loved them from day one, and on a recent trip to New York, I could see that they are catching on. Every time I was on the subway, at least two people were wearing a pair.

Ok, enough with the hardsell. Go here to enter for a chance to win, or just click the image below. Good luck!