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Weird Literary Relics People Bought For A Lot of Money: Today In Books

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Weird Literary Relics People Bought For A Lot of Money

Here’s some fun tidbits for your next dinner party: 9 Weird Literary Relics People Spent Serious Money On. Someone was willing to pay more than $9,000 for Charles Dickens’ toothpick. I say “ew,” but to each their own–unless they use it, that’s just nasty. Other items include an X-Ray of Hernest Hemingway’s foot, J.D. Salinger’s toilet, and Truman Capote’s ashes–Imagine wanting his ghost!

Celia Cruz’s Autobiography Is Being Adapted

Celia Cruz, the Queen of Latin Music, is getting an English language series based primarily on her autobiography Celia: My Life and the Smithsonian’s more than 500 hours of taped interviews. The Cuban born singer is one of the most influential people in Latin music history, with over 70 albums, so fingers crossed this project is as great as she was. ¡Azucar! 

Music-Themed Sci-Fi Novel Adaptation

It’s the weekend on yet another loooong week let’s continue with awesome, fun, adaptation news: The science fiction novel Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente is being adapted into a music-themed film. After a great galactic war a fierce musical contest arises–and that’s all I need to want this novel (a Book Riot favorite) and this film!