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Nine-year-old Laiza Wendel can’t remember anything because her memory consists only of events in her future. But for her, the future suddenly begins to look… short. She believes it means she will die soon, but she can’t see how. Her teacher and friends want to help her overcome her new and unusual fear of getting hurt, but Laiza knows that they can’t help unless she shares the secret about how she sees. Will she be able to determine what’s wrong before her world falls apart?

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Race and the RWA

Over the last few weeks, there has been a significant amount of discussion around the Romance Writers of America, the RITA Awards, and the lack of inclusivity for authors of color.

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Do you take part in LibraryReads, the monthly list of best books selected by librarians only? Whether or not you read and nominate titles, we’ll end every newsletter with a few upcoming titles worth reading and sharing (and nominating for LibraryReads, if you so choose!). Links here will direct to Edelweiss digital review copies. These books hit shelves in July, giving you plenty of time to read and nominate by May 20th.

  • It All Falls Down by Sheena Kamal (July 3, 2018): Nora Watts, who was introduced in Kamal’s earlier book The Lost Ones, travels from the Canadian Pacific Northwest to Detroit in search of the truth about her dead father.
  • Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir by Jean Guerrero (July 17, 2018): The haunting story of the author’s quest to understand her charismatic and self-destructive father, as he crosses from Mexico to California and battles with his internal demons.
  • The Incendiaries by R.O. Kwon (July 31, 2018): A young Korean-American woman at a prestigious American university is drawn into acts of domestic terrorism by a group with ties to North Korea.


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