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Saudi Arabia Breaks Cinema Ban With BLACK PANTHER: Today in Books

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Saudi Arabia Breaks Cinema Ban With Black Panther Screening

The record-breaking Black Panther has become the first commercial film publicly screened in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. Black Panther premiered in the first movie theater opened in the kingdom since the ban on cinemas lifted in December. The screening was unsegregated, with men and women co-mingling.

Kanye Writes A Book On Twitter

Kanye West announced that he’s writing (and editing) a philosophy book in real-time on Twitter. West has been tweeting bits of Break the Simulation, which he said is about photography and history, garnering mixed reactions. “This is my book that I’m writing in real time. No publisher or publicist will tell me what to put where or how many pages to write,” said West.

Finnish School Conducts Reading Week Experiment

With international test scores reflection a steady decline in reading comprehension among Finland’s students, a teacher has made literacy a priority by devoting an entire week to reading in her school. Sissi Yli-Hukkala’s goal is to focus on reading as a process to help students internalize that they can read in their free time, as well as in school. The experiment is part of Finland’s new curriculum addition called phenomenon-based teaching.


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