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Who Run the World? Kissing Books for March 9, 2017

Happy March, loves!

There have been a lot of happenings in the past couple of weeks. What have you been reading? I haven’t been very productive, but I’ve picked up a lot of new books to read…eventually.

Sarah MacLean recently did a video interview with the fine folks at Genre Bending, Harper Collins’ Library-aimed genre blog. Want to get a glimpse into why on earth Sera and Haven would stay together? She talks about that and more. Good stuff!

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Did you read the Beyond series? Kit Rocha just started a new series!

And have you heard? The ladies behind Christina Lauren announced that their next book is going to the Great White Way. Are you a theater fan?

Barnes and Noble announced a drop in onsite sales recently. When was the last time you wandered in and bought a novel? Digital sales on all platforms continue to rise for romance readers, and a lot of us continue to order physical books online from Amazon or Indiebound for the prices. I hope this doesn’t lead to closures; in some places, Barnes and Noble is the only physical bookstore available for those of us who just need to take a breather and surround ourselves with books.

Meanwhile, Netflix has hired a literary scout. Any ideas how we can get our favorite romances on their radar?

On Book Riot:

You voted, and we compiled Book Riot readers’ favorite romance series! Did yours make the list? I was surprised not to see Beverly Jenkins, Sherry Thomas, or Courtney Milan, but we’ll get them on your favorites list yet.

Jamie Canaves hates epilogues. Do you?

Molly Wetta tried out Harper Collins’ new Recommendation bot. What do you use when you are desperate for a new book recommendation?

Do you read in the bath? A. J. O’Connell compiled a few ideas to make it easier.

And don’t forget, you can always search the Romance/Erotica tag on Book Riot for other great posts.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day! Did you take part in the Day Without Women? Book Riot did, and it was great to be a part of the movement in that one little way. And since we’re talking about women, women, and nothing but women today, how about some great women loving other women? (Bonus: these are all going to be good for your LGBTQ+ romance RH category!)

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Because who doesn’t want a college lesbian vampire series? And it doesn’t hurt that it’s by the amazing Rebekah Weatherspoon, who could probably write a story about falling in love with an actual spoon and we’d still love it.

Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger

While this book is set in Carriger’s famous Parasolverse, you don’t have to be too familiar with the characters to love this book. All you have to know is that a brilliant parlourmaid and a very strange inventor can find love in the British countryside. Even if they both are working for vampires.

Bound With Love by Megan Mulry

This one doesn’t have vampires, I promise. What it does feature is two slightly older Regency lesbians who have to look at their own lives when the past comes to greet them.

As La Vista Turns by Kris Ripper

In the last book in the Queers of La Vista series, we follow Zane through her fake relationship that might just become a real one. Who knows? She certainly doesn’t.

Far From Home by Lorelie Brown

We’ve got yet another fake relationship, in which a young woman who is pretty sure she’s straight agrees to marry a woman. Pari needs a green card and Rachel is willing to help. And maybe fall in love?

Blurred Lines by KD Williamson

A cold, clinical doctor and a foul-mouthed detective meet in dire circumstances, but can’t help but fall in love between jabs and banter.

Thaw by Elyse Springer isn’t out for another month and a half but you’re going to want to be ready. It’s gonna be amazing.

That’s all for me this week, lovelies!

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Till next time, my dears!