AirPods giveaway

So I got to pick the prize for this giveaway. And it is my single favorite new tech thing from the last couple of years: Apple’s AirPods.

Bluetooth headphones have been around awhile, but they all kind of suck. They lose connection, forget devices, and in general just kind of don’t work well enough to be your everyday headphones. AirPods just…work. They pair quickly and easily. They get good battery life. They come in a cool little case that can also charge them. They just are that much better.

My headphones are my main audioboook-consumption device, and I have them in a lot. And the AirPods just make it easier to listen to more and more easily. I can leave my phone anywhere in the house and walk around and keep listening. There’s no worrying about snags or ripping your headphones (and sometimes your still-attached phone) out of your pocket or coat.

This is just all to say: they are great. And we’re giving away a pair to promote some of our email lists.

So go here to enter for a chance to win, or just click the pretty pretty Apple publicity image below:

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