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Hello, Riot Faithful! I’m National Book Award-winning author Anastasia Beaverhausen. Today I’d like to share the inspiration behind my latest book, revealed its stunning cover, and drop some upcoming tour dates at a bookstore near you.I’ll also tell you a little about what I’m reading and the books that shaped me in my budding author career.
A little about me!

What Are You Reading?

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The Ballad of Time Mismanagement by A.L. Wayslate

You know when it feels like a book was just written for you? Yeah. That was this book for me. I used to be 2 weeks behind on edits, now I get them done in 2 days!

Books That Shaped Me

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Bunnicula by James and Deborah Howe

I’m 37 and I’m still afraid of bunnies. They look all fuzzy and cute but there is violence behind those violet eyes.

More Info

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Sass & Scrunchies narrated by Baby Spice

I still cannot believe we got Baby Spice to read the audiobooks of Sass and Scrunchies. I’m jazzed to share an excerpt from the audiobook.