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Comics as Refuge

For those of us who love comics, the medium is often a much-needed escape from the real world. Sometimes, however, they serve the opposite purpose: to teach us about people with lives far different from our own. We’ll be looking at comics that fall into this second category later, but first…

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New Releases

Bunt! cover

Bunt! by Ngozi Ukazu and Mad Rupert

Like all too many college students, Molly depends on financial aid to pay her tuition. But when that aid suddenly disappears, the only way she can stay in school is by convincing a bunch of other art majors to form a softball team and compete for an athletic scholarship!

Marvel February 1964 Omnibus cover

Marvel: February 1964 Omnibus by Various Creators

Did you know that this month marks the 60th anniversary of Daredevil’s debut? Marvel pays homage to this beloved character by reprinting all — yes, ALL — of the comics they published that month in this single volume. It’s a unique and fascinating snapshot of an especially productive time in Marvel’s history.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: refugees. I’ve covered immigrants before, but given the state of, well, everywhere these days, it’s important to remember the plight of refugees specifically as well.

Still Alive cover

Still Alive: Notes from Australia’s Immigration Detention System by Safdar Ahmed

Australia’s immigration system has come under fire more than once for its extreme cruelty. This account of the author’s 2011 visit to one refugee camp tells the stories of multiple detainees, including the hardships they face and the little things that help them retain hope.

When Stars Are Scattered cover

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed, illustrated by Iman Geddy

This memoir tells the story of Omar and Hassan, young brothers from Somalia, growing up in a Kenyan refugee camp. As the older sibling, Omar knows it is his responsibility to take care of Hassan as best he can, even if that means leaving Hassan alone to go to school and get the education that will better their lives.

If you’ve got the funds to spare, consider heading to Charity Navigator and finding a trustworthy charity that operates in Palestine, Ukraine, or any other place where someone might need help.