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A Very Vampiric Valentine

Look, the heart pumps blood, which means that vampires are a perfectly acceptable topic of discussion right before Valentine’s Day, right? Right.

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Bookish Goods

A hand holds up an orange journal with the words "TVA Official Handbook" written in gold in the center. At the bottom, also in gold, are volume numbers and the words "by Ouroboros."

TVA official Handbook Hardcover Matte Journal l TVA notebook l TVA journal by ThePicnicSupplies

Whether you are a god of mischief or not, this is a handy place to keep all of your important notes! $15

New Releases

The Fox Maidens cover

The Fox Maidens by Robin Ha

In this historical fantasy, Kai wants more than anything to be a great warrior, but two things stand in her way: her gender, and the fact that she might really be the daughter of a demon. Can Kai accept the truth about herself and still achieve the future she wants?

Freshman Year cover

Freshman Year by Sarah Mai

Like many a high school graduate, Sarah was looking forward to the opportunities offered by going to college — and was completely unprepared for the reality of living alone for the first time and being so far away from friends and family. This fun but all-too-relatable comic follows Sarah as she figures out how to be a real, responsible adult.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: vampires II! Vampires was one of my very first Riot Rec themes after taking over The Stack. Let’s revisit it and see what other neat comics about vampires there are!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chosen Ones cover

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chosen Ones by Various Creators

In these prequel tales, you’ll get to learn about the vampire slayers who came before Buffy and how they affected and altered the world that Buffy inherited. If you’ve ever wanted to dive deeper into vampire slayer lore, this is the right comic for you!

These Savage Shores cover

These Savage Shores by Ram V and Sumit Kumar

This intriguing comic takes the idea of colonialism as a life-draining, vampiric system to new and literal heights. An English vampire arrives in India in 1766, only to end up facing far greater dangers than he bargained for. This newly released edition includes great “making-of” content, such as excerpts from the script and character sketches.

A white and brown Havanese stands on a bamboo floor, looking up slightly into the camera

My dog Poppy is not a vampire, but sometimes she does bite a little harder than she means to. It’s worth it to get to look at this face every day, though!