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The Case of the Amazing Comics

Happy Thursday to you, nerd friends! I’m proud of us for making it through another week, mostly unscathed. As a reward, let’s check out the latest in comic book goodies!

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Bookish Goods

A set of black-and-white fake nails, each with a different character or symbol taken from the manga/anime Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland manga Set by AGENTIK

These fashionable press-on nails are the perfect accessory for Alice in Borderland fans. Comes with the supplies you need to help put them on and keep them on for about a week. $50

New Releases

Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus cover

Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus by Leila Boukarim and Alex Lopez

Want a cute story that teaches you about both friendship and making delicious snacks? This is the comic for you! Alien amigos Zips and Eeloo are on a quest to make the perfect bowl of hummus, but they will need each other (and a whole lot of chickpeas) to succeed.

Vinland Saga Deluxe Vol 1 cover

Vinland Saga Deluxe Volume One by Makoto Yukimura

This beautiful hardcover collects the first three volumes of Vinland Saga, an exciting tale of a young boy, Thorfinn, who swears vengeance on the Viking warrior who murdered his family. At the same time, Thorfinn yearns for a peaceful life in the lush western land he grew up hearing about.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: mysteries! These comics are sure to make you think twice about every panel and line of dialogue as you hunt for clues.

Nancy Drew Palace of Wisdom cover

Nancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom by Kelly Thompson and Jenn St. Onge

Nancy is famous for being able to solve any mystery, but there’s one puzzle she has yet to crack: friendship. When everyone’s favorite teen detective has to return to her hometown, she must quickly sort friend from foe before a deadly adversary gets the chance to strike!

Rez Detectives cover

The Rez Detectives: Justice Served Cold by Steven Paul Judd, Tvli Jacob, and M.K. Perker

When the Ice Cream Man fails to appear on schedule, Tasembo grabs his friend and his dog and founds the Rez Dog Detective Agency to figure out what happened! Between the three of them, surely they can find the missing man and help everyone on the Reservation get their ice cream.

And a very happy Super Bowl to all who celebrate!