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No Planes or Supermen Here

Hey, all, happy Tuesday! It may still be winter here, but we are inching ever closer to spring and all of the bugs and allergies it brings. I prefer winter, is what I’m saying. But in any case, at least we can enjoy our comics all year round!

2024 is the tenth year of the Read Harder Challenge! Join us as we make our way through 24 tasks meant to expand our reading horizons and diversify our TBRs. To get book recommendations for each task, sign up for the Read Harder newsletter. We’ll also keep you informed about other cool reading challenges, readathons, and more across the bookish internet. If you become a paid subscriber, you get even more recommendations plus community features, where you can connect with a community of passionate, like-minded readers in a cozy and supportive corner of the internet. Sign up today!

Bookish Goods

A gray hoodie with two superimposed silhouettes of the Falcon. The word "Falcon" is printed underneath

Falcon/Sam Wilson Hoodie by SimplisticGeek

Just the thing to keep you snuggly warm for the rest of the winter! Pick from nine different colors (red seems appropriate!) and multiple sizes. $33+

New Releases

Xino cover

XINO by Various Creators

This anthology collection allows a wide range of creators to explore dystopian worlds of all kinds from many different angles. Whether it’s giving prehistoric man access to advanced technology or journeying to the far reaches of our understanding in search of new universes and dimensions, this book explores the uncomfortable and the surreal in all its forms.

Brobots cover

Brobots: The Complete Collection by J. Torres and Sean Dove

When Brotown is in trouble, who do they call? Brothers Panchi, Kouro, and Joukei, who are committed to helping each other and their community — and who also happen to be robots! Now, you can own all of the brothers’ fun and exciting adventures in a single volume that comes with extra bonus material.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: birds! Maybe don’t watch any Hitchcock movies before picking up these comics…

The Gullfather Birdsy Seagull cover

The Gullfather: Birdsy Seagull by Jeff Sikaitis and Jake Wheeler

Birdsy Seagull and his gang are determined to rule Shoretown with an iron wing (or have a nice lunch and take a nap, whatever is easier). But when the local humans start stepping out of line, can this band of misfits and layabouts get it together in time to protect what is theirs?

The Flamingo cover

The Flamingo by Guojing

Through stunningly beautiful illustrations and almost no words, this comic depicts a young girl’s magical visit with her grandmother. Shortly after arriving, she finds a flamingo feather with an amazing story attached to it — a story that will bring grandmother and granddaughter closer together.

I have to fly off now, but I’ll be back on Thursday with more comics for you to feather your nest with!