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Hey, nerd friends, did you know this is National News Literacy Week? It’s a great time for everyone to think about how they consume and share media and how important it is to verify what you read online — especially if it’s something you agree with!

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Bookish Goods

A spiral of enamel pins, each featuring a different Ghibli character

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New Releases

In Utero cover

In Utero by Chris Gooch

Feeling out of place at camp is bad enough, but when that camp is located in an abandoned mall haunted by unspeakable horrors? Things really couldn’t get much worse. Join Hailey and her only friend, Jen, as they try to figure out — and stop — what is going on.

Witch Life in a Micro Room Vol 1 cover

Witch Life in a Micro Room, Volume One by Akitaka

Lilika and Madge get along pretty well — which is good because the only place these aspiring witches can afford to live is a single, itty-bitty “micro room!” But even that isn’t enough to get them down: they are determined to work their way up in the world by working together.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: photography! It’s only tangentially related to News Literacy Week, but in the age of AI, deep fakes, and photo manipulation, it doesn’t hurt to remember to double-check whatever it is you’re looking at.

Unretouchable cover

Unretouchable by Sofia Szamosi

Olive, a high school student, is thrilled to get an internship in the fashion industry, where her job is to digitally alter and retouch photos. But after a while, her constant quest for “perfection” in her work drives her to feel dissatisfied with her own body — and, ultimately, to reevaluate her relationship with herself, her career, and the technology that is used to make people feel bad about themselves.

Speed Grapher Vol 1 cover

Speed Grapher ,Volume One by Tomozo

Set for release in April of this year, this manga follows Saiga, a war photographer who is now working undercover in a shady club. There, he meets and tries to rescue a teen girl named Kagura, but at a price: at a touch from her, Saiga can no longer photograph anyone unless he is willing to accept that they are condemned to die as soon as he takes the shot!

A white Havanese looks into the camera, her front paws balanced on the frame of an unmade bed

Safe internet travels, everybody! I leave you with this photo of Poppy, who I happen to think is very photogenic.