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Do Not Eat the Science or the Comics

Welcome back to my humble newsletter, nerd friends! The world of comics has continued to move forward since our last meeting, so let’s get caught up right now.

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Bookish Goods

A person holds up a throw blanket featuring images of vintage horror and mystery comic book covers

Retro Comic Book Blanket by TheMadMetalhead

If you’re looking for a horror-ble way to stay warm this winter, try this blanket! $75

New Releases

Rogue and Gambit Power Play cover

Rogue & Gambit: Power Play by Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Gómez

Rogue and Gambit’s marriage is on the rocks (and so are the many drinks that Gambit keeps imbibing). The last thing they need right now is to deal with a new super-threat, yet here they are, trying to figure out if they should go it alone or relearn what made their partnership so great in the first place!

Send Them a Farewell Gift for the Lost Time cover

Send Them a Farewell Gift for the Lost Time by Cocomi

The paperwork edition of this adults-only tale is out now! Naurse knows his relationship with Toui, a handsome but unreliable novelist, isn’t working for either of them anymore. But walking away isn’t working either. Whether they find a way to move on for good or to make their romance work, they will have to work together to find a solution.

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter!

Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: science! Okay, so there’s the stereotypical “mad scientist” supervillain, but there are plenty of other ways for comics to explore the amazing world of science!

cover image of The Curie Society by Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni and Janet Harvey

The Curie Society by Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni, Janet Harvey, and Sonia Liao

The eponymous group consists of young women dedicated to making the world safe for female scientists — and from dastardly villains who would use their scientific knowledge for evil! The sequel, Eris Eternal, is due out this March, so keep an eye out!

Clockwork Curandera Vol 1 cover

Clockwork Curandera Volume One: The Witch Owl Parliament by David Bowles and Raúl the Third

Combining magic with science, Enrique brings his murdered sister Cristina back to life despite the “magic” part being very much banned in their country. Can they find Cristina’s killers and save their country from a vicious, totalitarian plot?

See you again next Tuesday! In the meantime, have a good weekend, okay?