We’re Getting a Glow-Up

Since 2011, it’s been our goal at Book Riot to bring you coverage of books and reading that is as diverse as books and readers are and to evolve alongside our community.

Readers who have been around for a while have seen this newsletter through several evolutions, and we’re excited to share our latest glow-up. Starting Monday, October 2, this email will be called Best of Book Riot, and it will come to you through Substack.

As readers, you won’t need to do anything. We’ll move everyone over to Substack, and our emails will still land in your inbox just like always. The exciting part is that the move allows us to give these daily emails a more personal touch. Each day’s featured stories will be chosen by a Book Riot editor, and you won’t just get links to the web. We’ll be able to include highlights from our podcasts, newsletters, and more! Variety is the spice.

The newsletter will remain free, though we may expand to offer paid bonus content and community features in the future.

Thank you for reading the Riot Rundown. We’ll see you next week in our new form!