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Murder, She Wrote Movie in the Works — Who Should Play Jessica Fletcher?

Hi mystery fans! In the absolute mess that is streaming now I ended up getting Starz because David Zaslav’s destruction of HBO Max ended up selling Minx to Starz. So now I get to watch season 2, and from a quick poking around it looks like it has plenty of other stuff for me to watch.

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Bookish Goods

a sticker of an illustrated frog reading a book that says "don't bug me or I'll eat you"

Don’t Bug Me or I’ll Eat You Bookish Reading Sticker by TortieandCo

Adorable and accurate. ($4)

New Releases

cover image for The Spanish Diplomat's Secret

The Spanish Diplomat’s Secret (Captain Jim and Lady Diana Mysteries #3) by Nev March

For fans of historical mysteries!

This is a great historical mystery series that starts with Captain Jim Agnihotri solving a murder mystery and meeting and falling in love with Lady Diana Framji (Murder in Old Bombay), then the newlyweds move to America with Jim teaching Diana how to sleuth and her having to find him after he goes missing (Peril at the Exposition).

The third book sets readers in 1894, and Jim and Diana are on a ship to England. They meet Don Juan Nepomuceno, but he’s murdered onboard. That leaves six days until the ship docks to solve this murder…

cover image for The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard Shift by Maria Lewis

For fans of a fictional horror podcast and murder mystery!

Tinsel Monroe has the dream job without the dream life: she hosts a horror podcast she loves, but it’s for awful pay and a terrible time slot so as much as she loves it, it’s just a strain on her life. That is until there is a live on-air murder and people start getting murdered in historic film locations, drawing Tinsel and her sister into the investigation…

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Riot Recommendations

While certainly not a new thing, I recently found myself noticing what feels like more reissues lately. There are various reasons for a publisher to decide to reissue a book, but a couple popular reasons are an anniversary and that the author has since gotten a much larger audience. With that in mind, I have two recent reissues for you to check out.

cover of The Art of Desire

The Art of Desire by Stacey Abrams (Selena Montgomery)

For fans of romantic suspense!

Phillip Turman is a secret agent who was recently held by a terrorist organization. Now he’s trying to get his life back and is picking up the maid of honor for his best friend’s wedding. Simple enough task. Except Alex, who is done with men and focused on her writing career, finds herself and Phillip in the crosshairs of a dangerous conspiracy. If they even want a chance to be together, they’ll first have to survive…

cover image for Silence for the Dead

Silence for the Dead by Simone St. James

For fans of gothic mysteries!

Set in England post-WWI, Kitty Weekes has lied about her credentials to get hired as a nurse caring for shell-shocked veterans at Portis House. It’s a grand estate with a mystery concerning the owners and all the patients are afflicted with the same nightmare…

News and Roundups

Murder, She Wrote Movie in the Works — Who Should Play Jessica Fletcher?

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