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20 Books Like Only Murders in the Building

Hello mystery fans! Did I watch the Red, White, and Royal Blue (Prime) adaptation more than once because I am always a sucker for a really good romcom? Of course I did! And I balanced it with some fun mystery by finally getting around to watching the first season of The After Party (Apple TV+).

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Bookish Goods

a white blanket with a stack of books graphic that says This is my book reading blanket

Book Reading Blanket by WildflowerCreation1

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New Releases

cover of Goodbye Earl Leesa Cross-Smith

Goodbye Earl by Leesa Cross-Smith

For fans of friends getting together to conspire to kill an abuser.

This is 100% on my TBR because I have been a huge fan of The Chicks since the late ’90s, and clearly this book is inspired by their hit song “Goodbye Earl.” So, yes: this novel imagines a group of friends, an abusive partner, and a plot to get together to kill the abuser…

Now excuse me while I go listen to The Chicks’ albums starting with Wide Open Spaces.

cover image for The Blonde Identity

The Blonde Identity by Ally Carter

For fans of road trips, spies, mistaken identity, and romcoms!

I love books that blend together a ton of tropes and genres that I love, so the second I found out about this book (a day before I wrote this), I added this to the top of my TBR.

Imagining waking up in Paris with absolutely no memory and finding a gorgeous man telling you you’re in danger and have to run. Turns out you’re the identical twin of a spy and your twin’s attackers are now after you!

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Riot Recommendations

There continues to be a lot of talk about studios lately with the ongoing writers and actors strike (K-Dramas have entered the chat) where workers are asking for new fair contracts. There’s also a lot of talk about what feels like turmoil in the streaming world. So I found two mystery books dealing with the industry: one follows a past film producer, the other a current film editor.

cover image for Complicit paperback

Complicit by Winnie M Li

For fans of stories where the past is slowly being revealed and a look at how rape culture sneaks up on you when an industry is steeped in it.

Sarah Lai’s current life is far from where she started and intended: after being an up-and-coming Hollywood producer, she now teaches film at a small college. But a journalist has questions regarding someone she once worked with and Lai may finally be ready to tell her story.

You get a deep dive into the filmmaking process while also looking at how we’re taught to ignore the red flags concerning rape culture, with the majority of anything that could be graphic kept off-page.

(TW conversations about teen with eating disorder/ attempted sexual assault on page/ rumors, accusations, assumptions of sexual assault)

cover image for Pretty As A Picture

Pretty as a Picture by Elizabeth Little

For fans of past murder mysteries and isolated island settings!

Marissa Dahl is working on a film off the coast of Delaware as an editor but this film set has a lot of problems, including accidents, scandals, and a lot of the crew being fired. And did I mention the subject of this film is based on a real-life murder case? That’s how Marissa finds herself entangled with teenage girls set out to solve the real case, which may still have a killer on the loose…

News and Roundups

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20 Books Like Only Murders in the Building

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