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Community Supports Boutique Following Drag Story Time Backlash: Today in Books

Nimona Books Sell Out Following Release of Adaptation

Nimona creator ND Stevenson announced on Twitter that copies of his graphic novel were sold out on Amazon. Nimona was published in 2015 but its Netflix adaptation released on the streaming platform late last month. Stevenson helped out fans new and old with a link to Barnes & Noble where the book was, at the time of posting, available to purchase.

There’s a New Translation Book Prize in Town

Booksellers have launched the Cercador Prize for Translation. Ten finalists for the prize of $1,000, awarded to a translator or translators, will be announced in October with a winner selected in November. The nomination committee consists of five independent booksellers based in the U.S. The prize is “about drawing an explicit connection between the work of independent booksellers and literary translators whose contributions to our reading culture are often similarly obscured,” Justin Walls, the coeditor of Du Mois Monthly, said in a press release.

Boutique Receives Community Support for Drag Story Time

A boutique in Chaka, Minnesota expects an overflow crowd at their drag story time event after “top favorite haters” videos posted by owner Marissa Heid-Nordling garnered attention and support from the city and beyond. The videos featured critics of their decision to host a local drag queen for story time. “There are a lot of people in the LGBTQ community in Carver County, in Chaska, in the surrounding cities…sometimes, the negative people can be really loud, but the positive do come out in the end,” said Heid-Nordling.

Discover the Foundation of Manga Art Styles

Curious about manga art styles and the different types of art you’ll encounter in the format? Get to know some of the most common styles.