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The Newest Viral BookTok Sensation: Today in Books

The Onion Lampoons Credibility of Goodreads Reviews

“Any review showing evidence of in-depth knowledge of a book’s characters, plot, or thematic elements would be immediately deleted from the site,” a fictionalized version of Goodreads’ CEO explains in the satirical piece. In “Goodreads Now Only Permitting Reviews From People Who Haven’t Read The Book,”The Onion played off of a trending topic about the popular book database and community and, specifically, reviews written by users who have not read the books they’re commenting on.

The Newest Viral BookTok Sensation is the Outdated Dating Book

Books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and He’s Just Not That Into You are seeing a comeback on TikTok. A piece from i-D attempts to explain the return to dating advice from books now commonly critiqued for promoting toxic and misogynistic ideals. Among other things, the piece points to parallels between this trend and that of the tradwife figure and “high-value” dating. “All might be seen as part of a wider rise in online misogyny, which has been fuelled by figures like Andrew Tate.”

Milwaukee Celebrates the Typewriter’s Local History

The Milwaukee-born typewriter was celebrated in the city by way of a weekend-long 150th birthday celebration. The inaugural QWERTYFEST was held in June, following National Typewriter Day, and included the typewriter as a musical instrument, typewriter workshops, and a scripted “Clackathon” performance featuring a ChatGPT villain.

Hoopla, Overdrive/Libby Banned for Those Under 18 in Mississippi

Public libraries in Mississippi have cut off access to digital platforms like Overdrive and Hoopla to those under 18.