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XO, KITTY Showrunners Skip Premiere of Netflix Series Amid WGA Strike: Today in Books

New Book by Late Country Legend Loretta Lynn Announced

A new book from late country legend Loretta Lynn will be published later this month. Before her death last year, Lynn wrote A Song and a Prayer: 30 Devotions Inspired by My Favorite Songs alongside artist and ordained minister Dr. Kim McLean. The book is a collection of prayers and song lyrics. “My writing sessions with Loretta were inspired by our friendship and faith,” McLean said in a press release. “It is a capstone project, and a culmination of her wholehearted, unapologetic love of God, of people, and of life…Loretta said this project was special to her, and I’m honored to be her collaborator and friend. She was such an inspiration.” The book will be published by Worthy Books on May 23.

XO, Kitty Showrunners Skip Premiere of Netflix Series Amid WGA Strike

The premiere of XO, Kitty took place at the Netflix Tudum theater in Hollywood on May 11. But showrunners Jenny Han, Sascha Rothchild, and the rest of the writers were not in attendance. In solidarity with the WGA strike efforts, they chose to support their guild by not participating in any activities related to their series during the work stoppage. In a video to her fans, Han explained, “This moment is bigger than me, It’s bigger than the shows. And what’s at stake is the future of writers and our ability to keep telling stories and we are asking for fair compensation.”

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore Reopening in Ann Arbor

After closing its door a year ago, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor is planning on reopening its doors. Currently, the bookstore is looking for a full-time manager “to spearhead the re-opening of the brick-and-mortar Crazy Wisdom Bookstore.” According to the job posting, the iconic Ann Arbor bookstore that has spent 40 years serving the city is hoping to reopen in the fall of 2023 or the first part of 2024.

25 Must-Read Morbid Nonfiction Books

Morbid nonfiction isn’t just for true crime fans. These creepy true stories are for everyone with a bit of morbid curiosity in their hearts.