The Stack

Deer and Kittens and Jellyfish, Oh My!

Quite the menagerie awaits in this edition of the Stack, nerd friends! Isn’t nice to start (or almost start) the week with cute animals and great comics? Not all animals are so cute, though: I found a yellowjacket in the kitchen the morning I wrote this, and that wasn’t very fun at all.

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Bookish Goods

A woman poses in a knee-length skirt covered in black-and-white panels from Marvel comics

Black Comic Print Skirt With Pockets by MissMoshDesign

What more fashionable way to head out to the bookstore for your latest batch of comics? $35+

New Releases

Missing You cover

Missing You by Phellip Willian and Melissa Garabeli

In this poignant graphic novel, siblings Thomas and Lara cope with the loss of their mother by nursing an injured deer back to health. They quickly grow attached to their new pet, whom they call Lion. But Lion is at heart a wild animal who wants to roam free in the forest — meaning that another goodbye is inevitable.

My New Life as a Cat Vol 1 cover

My New Life as a Cat Volume One by Konomi Wagata

Meeting a cute girl who finds you cute too is a dream come true for many a high-school boy. But there’s a twist: Nao has recently and inexplicably switched bodies with a cat, and the cute girl, Chika, has no idea who he really is! Sure, there are some advantages to being a cat, but not when you’re falling for a human girl. Can Nao ever find a way to get back into his original body?

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: cross-dressing! It’s been in the news a lot lately, but it’s hardly a new subject for comics like these.

Princess Jellyfish Vol 1 cover

Princess Jellyfish Volume One by Akiko Higashimura

Tsukimi is a young woman obsessed with jellyfish — and that’s okay, because all of the other people in her apartment building are also women with a wide range of unusual obsessions. Their building is in danger of being demolished, though. A new friend, Kuranosuke, uses his women’s fashion knowledge to propose a solution.

The Prince and the Dressmaker cover

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

Prince Sebastian has a secret identity: Lady Crystallia, the most revered fashionista in all of Paris! His gowns are made by his best friend Frances. Both have problems they are trying to avoid thinking about: Sebastian’s parents want him to marry, and Frances wants to advance in her career. Can they figure out a way to be themselves while getting what they want?

Personally, I prefer to wear jeans and t-shirts. But whatever you like to wear, I’m sure you look fabulous in it! Stay amazing until Thursday, you hear?