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This Newsletter is Totally Not Cursed

Would I say that if it wasn’t true? Go on, keep reading…nothing bad will happen, I promise…

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Bookish Goods

Signs based off the Marvel Studios logo, each with a person's name in place of the word "Marvel"

Personalized Custom Marvel Studios Door Sign by ErikECrafts

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New Releases

Candy Flurry Vol 3 cover

Candy Flurry Volume Three by Ippon Takegushi and Santa Mitarashi

In this final volume of the series, Tsugumi, a “lollipop wielder” who protects Tokyo while guarding her secret identity from the evil Recette, will either claim ultimate victory or watch as her beloved city crumbles around her.

Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft cover

Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft: Orphan of Agony Isle by Casey Gilly and Bayleigh Underwood

If the new movie has you pumped for more D&D adventures, check out this graphic novel! Miranda is an amnesiac who finds herself in the care of the extremely creepy Dr. Mordenheim. She starts trying to put together the pieces of her past, but will she survive learning the answers?

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: curses! Eep! Here are two comics about characters under a bad spell — and how they get out of it.

Salt Magic cover

Salt Magic by Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock

Vonceil’s brother Elber came home from the Great War a changed man. While overseas, he met a strange woman, who now arrives on their Oklahoma farm and curses their well to give only saltwater. Vonceil soon realizes it is up to her to find the Lady in White and get her to undo her destructive curse.

Manu cover

Manu by Kelly Fernández

Manu and Josefina are the best of friends, but even friends have their limits. When Manu’s magical pranking gets out of hand, Josefina wishes for Manu’s magic to disappear, not expecting it to actually work. But when it does, and when Manu goes to dangerous lengths to get it back, the girls will have to work together to set things right!

A Havanese is snuggled in a blue blanket and side-eyeing the camera

Now was that so bad? As a reward, enjoy this photo of Poppy giving me a Look as I take her picture!