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5 New Mystery Novels Worth Staying Up Late to Finish

Hello mystery fans! Over the years I’ve watched hit shows that I had missed when they originally aired, before streamers and DVRs, and currently I’m watching Alias on Disney+. I really do love ridiculous action stuff.

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New Releases

cover image for The Raven Thief

The Raven Thief (Secret Staircase Mystery #2) by Gigi Pandian

For fans of intricately put together puzzle mysteries, amateur sleuths, past family mysteries, food, and fun series! Starting here won’t have you lost story wise, but there is a running family mystery from the first book you may want to read from beginning in which case pick up Under Lock & Skeleton Key. This book also gives the solve for the first book.

Tempest Raj lost her Las Vegas career as a magician and moved back home with her her dad and grandparents, where she lives in a tree house! But she’s already had to put her amateur sleuth cap on, so why not again? This time it’ll be to save her grandfather who’s been accused of murder. And it won’t be an easy case because the dead man fell from the ceiling onto the table during a fake séance being held by his ex (hilarious, I know!) and everyone in the room was holding hands at the time it happened. This is a fun murder mystery that not only takes readers into solving the whodunnit but also the how!

(TW mentions a past unsolved case that has been ruled a suicide)

cover image for Royal Blood

Royal Blood by Aimée Carter

For fans of YA murder mysteries and royals! Evan Bright is not having a normal childhood — she’s been moved around boarding schools as the illegitimate and secret child of the King of England. Now she’s spending the summer with the family, and the dad she doesn’t know, in London. What could go wrong? Oh, a murder, her outing as the King’s child, and her being a suspect in the death of the guy that tried to sexually assault her. Being a secret princess is anything but fun.

(TW attempted sexual assault including drugging, on page/ mentions past death by suicide, method not detailed)

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Riot Recommendations

I’ve got two horror novels with mysteries!

cover of bad cree by jessica johns

Bad Cree by Jessica Johns

Mackenzie is a young Cree woman who is having the kind of distressing dreams that involve waking up with a bird’s head in your hands. These dreams are tied somehow to the weekend before her sister Sabrina died. Things only get worse when she starts to get threatening text messages from Sabrina…In order to figure out what is happening, and how a past event is tied to Sabrina’s death, she’ll have to finally return home and face her grieving family.

WHITE HORSE book cover

White Horse by Erika T. Wurth

Kari is a sarcastic, don’t mess with metal head who is happy hanging at the local bar. Until her cousin gives her a bracelet that ends up conjuring her missing mother’s spirit. This isn’t a family reunion, though, as it also came with a dark creature set out to haunt Kari. Now Kari must figure out what happened to her mother…

News and Roundups

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5 new mystery novels worth staying up late to finish

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