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Read an Excerpt of Tegan and Sara’s Graphic Novel JUNIOR HIGH: Today in Books

Here’s the Cover Reveal for Ali Hazelwood’s Check & Mate

A new Ali Hazelwood book is coming soon, and it’s her YA debut! Penguin Teen has shared the cover of Hazelwood’s upcoming novel Check & Mate, a YA romance story about two chess competitors. The novel comes out on November 7, and it’s available for preorder now.

Read an Excerpt of Tegan and Sara’s Graphic Novel Junior High

Entertainment Weekly has shared an excerpt from Canadian indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara’s graphic novel Junior High. The story explores the twins’ own experiences in junior high. “In this excerpt, you see us reunited in gym class after spending their first day of junior high without each other,” Tegan and Sara told EW. “After a group of curious students makes the connection that we’re twins, a new friend chemistry blooms between almost all of us. The awkward social transition from kid to teenager is captured in this endearing moment of oversharing our personal history with total strangers.” Junior High is out May 30.

Manga Author with “Zero” Drawing Talent to Launch Japan’s First Fully AI-Drawn Manga

A Japanese manga author, who uses the pseudonym Rootport, used a viral AI tool to create Japan’s first full AI-drawn manga, Cyberpunk: Peach John. Using a cat avatar to protect his identity, Rootport discussed the project with AFP News Agency. He said that it took him “a minute or so” to generate images for the story‚Äôs main antagonist, using text prompts such as “pink hair,” “Asian boy” and “stadium jacket.” Doing this, he was able to complete the art for his over-100-page book in just six weeks. “It was a fun process, it reminded me of playing the lottery,” Rootport said.

20 Book Apps for Every Kind of Reader

Sometimes our phones distract us, but they don’t have to! With the very best book apps, your phone can become a part of your reading journey.