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Hello Kid Lit Friends,

Young people have so many questions about the world. Our planet is a big and complicated place, but there is so much to learn and know and figure out. Today I’ve compiled some books that address some big questions — scroll down to see them!

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Bookish Goods

Mouse writing in a book from a mouse hole sticker

Mouse Writing a Book inside a Mouse Hole Sticker by Micesterpiece

I think every classroom, library, and kid’s bedroom needs this cute little mouse hole sticker! There are mouse and book different designs to choose from. $7

New Releases

You Gotta Meet Mr. Pierce cover

You Gotta Meet Mr. Pierce! The Storied Life of Folk Artist Elijah Pierce by Chiquita Mullins Lee and Carmella Van Vleet, illustrated by Jennifer Mack-Watkins

Based on the true story of the artist Elijah Pierce and his community barbershop, this gorgeous picture book portrays a young boy heading in for a haircut and talking to Mr. Pierce about art. “Everything I carve, I want it to tell some kind of story,” Mr. Pierce tells the boy. And in listening to Mr. Pierce’s sharing, the young boy finds his own calling as an artist.

A Good Deed Can Grow cover

A Good Deed Can Grow by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, illustrated by Holly Hatam

This sweet debut picture book by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman shows how everyone can make a difference in their community by contributing in some way, whether it be planting a garden, volunteering, or picking up litter.

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Riot Recommendations

And now for those big question books!

What About the Universe cover

What About the Universe: An Illustrated Q&A Book for Kids by Bertrand Fichou, illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre

This is a perfect book for kids who have lots of questions, such as How big is the sun? How many stars are there in the sky? Is it cold in outer space? Is travel to Jupiter possible? The text is accompanied by charming illustrations.

Will We Always Hold Hands cover

Will We Always Hold Hands? by Christopher Cheng and Stephen Michael King

Two friends, a bear and a rat, wonder whether they will always hold hands even when they are old and gray and wrinkly. This is a sweet bedtime book about sticking with each other through the best and worst times.

The Mystery of the Monarchs cover

The Mystery of the Monarchs by Barb Rosenstock, illustrated by Erika Meza

Sometimes a question you have when you’re young becomes a question that you spend your life trying to figure out. This was the case for Fred Urquhart, who had been fascinated by insects — particularly the monarch butterfly — since a child. When he got older, he decided to study the monarch butterfly’s migration patterns. With help from a community of people stretching from Canada to Mexico, he unlocks the mystery of the monarchs.

When the World Runs Dry cover

When the World Runs Dry: Earth’s Water in Crisis by Nancy F. Castaldo

I remember when I was a child, I wondered a lot about water. This was probably because I grew up in a drought area of southern California, and our schools always taught us how to conserve water when brushing our teeth and showering. When the World Runs Dry is a very informative book that covers a lot of water-related topics, including lead and water infrastructure problems, pollution, fracking contamination, harmful algal blooms, water supply issues, rising sea levels, and potential solutions

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