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Read an Excerpt from Stephen King’s HOLLY: Today in Books

“Weird Al” Yankovic Songs Get Animated in New Graphic Novel The Illustrated Al

Z2 Comics is releasing a career-spanning anthology of the comedian “Weird Al” Yankovic’s songs as rendered by cartoonists and illustrators. The graphic novel, The Illustrated Al: The Songs of “Weird Al” Yankovic is now available to order and features more than 20 songs interpreted by artists including Bill Plympton, Michael Kupperman, Felipe Sobreiro, Fred Harper, Jeff McClelland, Hilary Barta, and Bob Fingerman, among many others. In conjunction with the release of the graphic novel, Yankovic has released a full-length animated music video for his song “Your Horoscope for Today,” which is a collaboration between the musician and artist Aaron Augenblick, who also illustrated the “Your Horoscope for Today” chapter of the anthology.

Little Free Library Launches Indigenous Library Program

Little Free Library’s latest initiative to provide access to books to underserved communities is the Indigenous Library Program. The program, which launches this spring, provides book-sharing boxes for installation on tribal lands, as well as in other Indigenous communities throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Boxes will be shipped at no cost to volunteer stewards and will come with two starter sets of books — 25 books by BIPOC authors and 25 featuring Indigenous content. After the initial set of books, stewards will be responsible for keeping the boxes stocked. People and organizations living in or serving Indigenous communities may apply to receive the boxes.

Read an Excerpt from Stephen King’s Holly

Stephen King’s beloved character Holly Gibney is returning for a new novel Holly, in which the private detective solves the mystery behind multiple disappearances in a Midwestern town. You can read an exclusive excerpt and see the cover reveal from Entertainment Weekly. Holly is hitting shelves on September 5, but the book is available for preorder now.

When Did YA Paperback Books Become $15.99?

Harper Collins hiked the price of their YA paperback books upwards of 25% this year. Is this happening in other publishers, too?