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The Internet is for Comics

And some other stuff too, probably (thanks, Avenue Q!), but comics are clearly the most important things on here. So let’s use the internet to peruse some neat comics-related stuff that might just brighten your whole week.

Bookish Goods

A keyboard and mouse sitting atop a polyester mat covered in images of vintage comics covers

Vintage Comic Heroes Desk Mats by MadisonReneeDesignCo

Snazz up your work area with this great desk mat! Now your favorite heroes can watch you as you work! $33

New Releases

Doctor Who Origins cover

Doctor Who: Origins by Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata

You ever wonder how the Fugitive Doctor became, well, a fugitive? This exciting mystery contains all of the answers you’ve been waiting for! Find out what dangerous secrets the Fugitive Doctor discovered that prompted the Division to throw everything into hunting her down…

Is Love the Answer cover

Is Love the Answer? by Uta Isaki

For years, Chika has been told that she will become interested in physical intimacy and romantic love — she just has to be patient and keep searching. For years, Chika believed them. But in college, she learns a new phrase — “aromantic asexual” — and finds a community that will help her find comfort in her own true self.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: webcomics! These collections originated as internet-only strips, but now you can buy them in physical form and put them on your shelf!

Yes I'm Hot in This cover

Yes, I’m Hot in This by Huda Fahmy

In Fahmy’s experience, a hijab might as well be a magnet for every stranger’s bizarre, obnoxious, and intrusive questions. She shares her experiences — and shows just how alike we really are — in this fun comic.

AJ & Magnus Night of the Roach cover

AJ & Magnus: Night of the Roach by Bryan Steel and Simon Steel

Ever thought Calvin & Hobbes would be better with more queer characters? Look no further than AJ & Magnus, an adorable series about a boy, his talking dog, his two dads, and a whole lot of wild adventures!

An "aerial" shot of a Havanese lying on the floor with her back legs sticking straight out behind her

I will now leave you to enjoy the rest of what the internet has to offer, though surely nothing can be as cute as the weird way my dog lies down. Why are your back legs sticking out like that?!