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Here’s a First Look at HIS DARK MATERIALS Season 3 and More Book Radar!

Hi Book Friends!

It’s Thursday, and we’re soooo close to October that I can smell it. It smells like a pumpkin spice candle. And if you don’t like pumpkin spice, stay mad, haters. Anyway! With October basically here and Libra season upon us, I have to say I am in such a good mood. I wish it could be October all year round, but I guess we wouldn’t appreciate it as much if we had it all the time. So I’m just going to try to enjoy it while it’s here. Hope you’re all enjoying it as well. And on that note, it’s Book Radar time, so let’s goooooo!

Book Deals and Reveals

It’s fun to start off with a really exciting cover reveal. Like this one: the cover for Chuck Tingle’s upcoming novel Camp Damascus. This one’s coming at you on July 18, 2023 from Tor Nightfire.

And here’s the cover of L.R. Lam’s new epic fantasy Dragonfall. This is the first book in a trilogy, and it’s out in May 2023.

Oscar winner Tom Hanks has announced his first novel, which is set to come out on May 9th, 2023 from Penguin Random House. The novel is entitled The Making of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece.

HBO is premiering the third and final season of His Dark Materials this December, and here’s a first look at the last season of the series, featuring the return of James McAvoy as Lord Asriel.

Ali Hazelwood has announced her first young adult novel Check & Matea rom com about a young woman who finds herself in a public rivalry with “the reigning bad boy of chess” after she accidentally defeats him. The novel is currently scheduled to be published in November 2023 by Putnam Young Readers.

Back in 2021, Rick Riordan announced that he would be co-writing a Solangelo novel with Mark Oshiro. Now we finally have a title for the upcoming book: The Sun and the Star: A Nico di Angelo Adventure.

The first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film Knock at the Cabin has been released. The movie, based on the novel The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay, will be released only in theaters on February 3, 2023. 

Michelle Obama has announced the the dates and cities for her six-city tour promoting her upcoming book The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times.

Amazon is changing its ebook return policy to restrict automatic returns to purchases where no more than 10% of the book has been read.

The New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Amazon all have their own bestseller lists. Here are the combined results.

Book Riot Recommends

I’m a Contributing Editor at Book Riot, I write the Today in Books newsletter, and I’m a Bibliologist for Book Riot’s Tailored Book Recommendations subscription service. I also have a PhD in English, so I’m basically a doctor of books. Books are my life, in other words, so in this section of the newsletter, let me share with you some upcoming books I’m super excited about. And I think you will be too!

Can’t Wait for This One!

highly suspicious and unfairly cute book cover

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert (Joy Revolution, January 3)

Book Radar has been horror and thriller heavy lately, I realize. Blame the weather. Blame the October pumpkin candle scent wafting in the breeze. But I figured it was time for a nice, refreshing rom com break. So with that in mind, let’s talk about a novel coming out in January 2023 that you’re not going to want to miss.

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute is the first book from Nicola Yoon and David Yoon’s imprint Joy Revolution, which focuses on publishing “stories with people of color as their heroes, each searching for love and living their lives on their own terms.” I’ve been so excited to see what Joy Revolution would be publishing, and this book seems like a really strong start, especially because it comes from bestselling romance author Talia Hibbert.

This YA romance is a story about a quirky content creator and a star football player working together to survive the great outdoors. Celine Bangura is obsessed with conspiracy theories, and she isn’t afraid to share her thoughts on everything from UFOs to holiday consumption on social media. But as well-liked as she is online, she’s never been that popular at her own high school. Which is why, she supposes, her ex-best friend Bradley Graeme abandoned her for the cool kids years ago.

Now Celine and Brad usually try their best to avoid each other. Which is why Celine is surprised when she signs up for a survival course in the woods and Brad is right there with her. Now to have a chance at winning the grand prize, Celine and Brad will have to work together, and rehash their messy past in the process.

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Words of Literary Wisdom

“It was difficult and exhausting, but he quickly accepted the fact that life had to go on without her. He’d lost love, and yet the world was not the slightest bit shaken by his loss. The part of his life that had had J in it went away, leaving behind a cavity, a hollow, and still the world was unmoved. Nothing would ever fill in that empty space. But Oghi’s world would keep on spinning regardless.”

The Hole by Hye-Young Pyun

What’s Up in the Book Community?

My iPhone is constantly telling me I spend too much time staring at my screen, which is honestly so rude. But this means I spend a lot of time scrolling around the online book community: BookTube, Bookstagram, BookTok, BookLinkedIn (JK. That’s not a thing…I don’t think). You get the idea. Don’t have the time, energy, or the will to do all of that yourself? No problem. I got you. In this weekly section of Book Radar, we’ll take a look at something cool, interesting, and/or newsy that’s going on in the book community.

I have a couple of follow-ups for you all this week, from previous “What’s up in the book community?” segments. Come along with me.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s start with the good news, and let’s talk about another Halloween readathon I think you all will want to check out: The Blackoweenathon hosted by Loc’D Booktician. And if those Book recommendations for the readathon aren’t enough, here’s a whole video of recs, fresh for 2022. Enjoy!

And now some bad news. Remember back in August when I said the Bookish Box was potentially problematic? Yeah well. They’re up to more questionable things. You can see a quick breakdown of what happened over at Bookish Tea Alerts on Twitter, but there have been more developments since this was posted. You all know how much I love Book CommuniTEA, so I will let Jess Owens break it down for you. But warning that the Bookish Box tea involves ableism.

Phew that was a lot.

What I’m Watching This Weekend

Somehow I’ve powered through Love Island US, and now I have so much more time to start new shows. So give me your recs. This is a rare opportunity. Thankfully, the final season of Atlanta has started. SO PSA: If you’re not watching Atlanta, what are you doing??? Go do that now. I’m also keeping the horror movie party going. This weekend, I’m going to see Smile. I’m really tired of seeing this trailer, so I’m so happy the movie is finally out. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Oh! And My Best Friend’s Exorcism comes out on Friday! How could I forget?? So excited.

I guess I have a lot of movies and TV in my future, friends.

And Here’s A Cat Picture!

calico cat on a couch

I know everyone’s been missing seeing Cersei Anne, so here she is, living her best couch life. Speaking of TV, Cersei looooooves the new House of the Dragon show, just FYI. Every time it comes on, she’s right up on the couch, just dying to see what those wacky Targaryens are up to this week.

Do your cats have a fave TV show? Let me know.

And that is all, friends! Have a great weekend.