Epic Update: September 26, 2022

Happy Monday, Epic folks! May it be the best week possible, given our continued :waves hands: existence. No announcements again, just books!

What Are You Reading?

Since I chatted with you last, I’ve finished Our Wives Under the Sea, which was creepy and surreal and exactly what I’m looking for in an autumn read.

the cover of Other Ever Afters

I also read Other Ever Afters: New Queer Fairy Tales by Melanie Gillman, who is one of my favourite artists. They also wrote As the Crow Flies and Stage Dreams. I support them on Patreon, which means I have some of these stories in a zine format! They’re absolutely beautifully drawn in pencil crayon, and Gillman has a knack for knowing the precise moment to end a story, leaving me wanting just a panel more, but knowing that I’m wrong: this is the best place to leave them. It’s a middle grade collection, but I think readers of any age will appreciate it.

I’m now starting A Scatter of Light by Malinda Lo, which comes out at the beginning of October. Despite getting Last Night at the Telegraph Club in hardcover and then buying another signed copy, I somehow have not read that one yet. It’s faced out on my bookshelf, admonishing me. I know I’ll love it! I can’t tell you why I pick up the books I do. This one, though, is a loose companion book to Telegraph Club, so it will be interesting reading it without that prior knowledge — but it can absolutely stand alone. Also, if you haven’t seen the cover yet, go check it out. It’s gorgeous.

I’m still waiting for my stack of Laid-Back Camp manga to accumulate at the library, but I’m very much looking forward to devouring them when I have another five or so at my disposal.

What are you reading this week? Share in the comments!