Hi Alex here,

What a week it’s been! Amirite?

This is the thing we’re talking about!

orange cat in silver bowl; photo by Liberty Hardy

Deluxe Cat Bowl by Artsy

We think this cat bowl is the best for our little friend!

New Releases

How to Be Perfect by Michael Schur

Book Riot Recommendations

Here’s some more books we like!

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The history of the book of the month club.

How to use podcasts to help you become a better reader.

When does Lord of the Rings get interesting? (Oooh, I feel this from the bottom of my soul. Full disclosure: love the movies, can’t get through the books.)

black cat wrapped in a dark blue blanket with its front paws outstretched

Here’s your biweekly cat photo! I know I’ve shared pictures of Gilbert wrapped up in a blanket before, but I can’t overstate how much he loves being burritoed. When you see him with those fancy paws outstretched, that’s how you know he’s fully relaxed. It must feel like a weighted blanket or a thunder shirt for him.

All right, Imma fire up the ol’ PS5 and start doing Lego battles in a galaxy far far away. Do something fun for yourself this weekend, and I’ll catch you on Tuesday!