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Sometimes There is Trouble Separating

Hey y’all, welcome to the Kissing Books newsletter. I hope your spirit is doing well. I’m PN Hinton, your guide through the roller coaster of a ride that the world of romance can be. If it is your first time here, welcome and if you’re a regular reader welcome back.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! If you observe it, of course. Personally, I could take it or leave this holiday. I’ve always felt this way. I was the kid who knew the only reason she got Valentine’s Cards was because it was mandated to give one to every child in class. So, by the time I got to high school, I had a clouded view towards the holiday overall. And, with the kiddo being in middle school now, the night before no longer includes an hour of making out cards for a whole class. That was a super stressful endeavor. Still, I know that it is important for some people and if you are a lover of this day, I hope that whatever you do, this is an awesome day and evening for you. 

Or, if you celebrated Galentine’s Day yesterday, I hope it was full of wine and good times as well. In ‘Currently Reading News’, my copy of Black Love Matters came in so I started that. I also am working on my TBR backlist and started Rebel as well and am enjoying both immensely.

Romance Reflection:

Susannah Nix tweeted this the other day and it got me thinking about academia romance overall. I know that, as with most tropes, this is something that divides the romance community. You have those who cringe at any relationship of this nature, even if there is not a direct chain of command connection between the university student and teacher. Others seem to really adore this one, especially if there is a direct connection and, by extension, power imbalance between the two.

As always, I’m not yucking anyone’s yum at all. To each their own and all that. That said, I did have the realization that I am not a huge fan of this trope overall. That’s one reason why I tend to shy away from any type of academia romance; a story has to be really intriguing for me to actively want to read one of those, which was the case for The Love Hypothesis. And that one was a huge outlier to be honest. I will only do office/workplace romances if they are on an equal level. If there is any type of power imbalance I will usually nope out. 

And that’s because I can’t separate from how horrible this type of situation or relationship can be in the real world. I also can’t ignore the actual outcomes they sometimes yield. In the real world a power imbalance can lead resentment from the one not in power at their vulnerability, even if the other person doesn’t lord it over them. It can lead to someone getting fired because a company decided one party was more important, or the student getting forced out of school while the professor gets tenure. 

For me, romance is about escapism and if there is no way of escaping the real world counterpart, I’m not going to enjoy it. These are just examples of some of my ‘approach with caution’ tropes. For another person, it may be something like a sibling or best friend’s ex because they’ve been through something like that and for them it was an actual betrayal of trust. Even in situations where the break-up may have been amicable, it can still be difficult to not equate that to their own.

Again, this isn’t necessarily to say that these are bad books or tropes that need to go. It’s just an explanation of how, given my own personal take on it, I can see why these types of stories would cause such a division amongst romance readers and some would choose to pass them up. 

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New Releases:

cover of Show Off

Let Me Love You by K.L. Gilchrist (2/14)

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Thirty Days With You by Ruth Miranda (2/14)

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This is just a fraction of some of the exciting releases that are scheduled for publication this week. Just a gentle reminder that these were the dates that were showing as of the writing of this newsletter.

And that is all I have for you today. I’ll be back Thursday with some more romance round-ups, reflections, and recommendations. In the meantime, give me a follow over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Happy reading!