The Kids Are All Right

New Children’s Books: Dinosaurs and kitties, The Questioneers, handling OCD, and more!

Hey readers!

I’m back with another week of new children’s books!

Dinosaurs on Kitty Island by Michael Slack

Bored on Dinosaur Island, the dinosaurs decide to head over to Kitty Island. Despite warnings that this could be a bad idea, the dinosaurs go anyway and find that they may not have much in common with the kitties after all.

Ada Twist, Scientist: The Why Files Exploring Flight by Andrea Beatty, Dr. Theanne Griffith and David Roberts

The Questioneers universe continues to expand with this nonfiction early reader. This opening book takes on the topic of flight, including the history of airplanes and how they stay in the air to info about birds and other flying creatures.

Fergus and Zeke and the 100th Day of School by Kate Messner and Heather Ross

Classroom mice Fergus and Zeke are at a loss when Miss Maxwell’s students start preparing to celebrate the 100th day of school. Though they usually do all the same things as they do, now Fergus and Zeke can’t figure out how to participate. But they’re determined to find some project they can do to mark the occasion.

Just Roll With It by Lee Durfey-Lavoie and Veronica Agarwal

Perfect for TTRPG fans out there, this middle grade graphic novel follows Maggie, who rolls a twenty-sided die to make her decisions. This is a fun and sweet look at anxiety, OCD, and a girl finding herself.

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