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Hello again! It’s me, PN Hinton coming to you once more with another edition of Kissing Books newsletter. We’re almost a week into 2021 and I hope that it has been finding you well.

Last time, I talked about starting off the new year with some second chance romances. But a lot of people look to the new year as an opportunity for a new them. This could mean a resolution to eat better, exercise more, or read more. The clean slate helps to start off with a fresh view on life. It is also an opportunity develop and keep new good habits in the year to come.

Reading outside your comfort zone may be one your goals this year. If so, check out Cassie’s article about some of this year’s reading challenges. Book Riot’s own Read Harder tops the list. There are a few romance specific prompts there. You can peruse Jessica’s list of some fat-positive romances and Aldalyn’s recommendations for a romance by a trans and/or non-binary author.

Speaking of my fellow Rioters, one thing we all have in common is that we are book enablers. By that I mean we let y’all know about all the exciting upcoming releases. We also give information on all the various ways you can get books on sale or for free. If it’s any consolation we also do it to each other all the time. Fair is fair after all. The way I’m going to enable y’all today is by letting you know two different ways you can get one free book a month.

Up first is the Dirty Boys Book Club newlsetter. If you head over to the site, you will see the upcoming authors. I know I’m already counting the days until October for Miss Talia Hibbert. There is also Girls Night In newsletter. I didn’t find an author roster here, so it will be a pleasant surprise each month.

Please note, that by signing up for the latter, you are also signing up for the feature author’s newsletter. You don’t have to stay subscribed. And I’m not sure if it works that way for the former. But I wanted to give a heads up on the impending email explosion that will initially occur.

Romancelandia News:

You may or may not have marathoned Bridgerton over the holiday break (I did). Naturally, there has been a lot of heated debate over ‘the scene’. This is a discussion we should be having because there’s a lot to unpack there. That said, no one can argue that the show was on everybody’s lips since it premiered on Christmas day. This led others to this EW article, with ideas about what could be adapted next. There was also speculation on Twitter, including this mysterious response tweet from Alyssa Cole. 

Like most of Romancelandia, I would be beyond excited for the possibility of a Reluctant Royals series. But, I will absolutely lose my ‘sugar honey ice tea’ if Ms. Bev’s Indigo gets the TV treatment. This was not just my first book by her. It was also my first historical romance that featured a Black couple. So, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Speaking of Mrs. Bev, if you haven’t already picked up the special 25th anniversary of Vivid, what are you waiting for?! It’s so pretty and this is probably my second favorite novel by her. I love smart heroes and heroines, no matter the time period. Brains are sexy y’all.

And that’s all for now y’all. If you want to follow some of my bookish bullet points, give me a follow over on Twitter @PScribe801. Until next time!