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Fat Representation vs. Fat Acceptance. There’s a Difference.

It’s Thursday, and Thursday means I get to talk about new books. And some other stuff. But mostly new books.

Over On Book Riot

Carole took a really great deep dive into fat representation vs. fat acceptance. Not every story is for every reader, and obviously some people are fine with seeing either public humiliation or extensive insecurity in the fat character. But I think she has some good points.

And Sarah looked closely at Jane Austen.

How’s your relationship with your TBR?

Win free money.

Or a lot of free stuff to put in your ears.


Sometimes finding a deal is about taking a chance on a new author. This time around, that author is Nyri A. Bakkalian, and the book is Grey Dawn: A Tale of Abolition and Union. It’s a supernatural dual storyline(ish) tale of trans people living in two different centuries. I’m super intrigued and willing to dish the lofty price of 5.99 to support a new-to-me trans author of color who writes very much my kind of thing.

New Books

This has been a heck of a week for books! A lot of them weren’t romance, but a lot of them were. Let’s talk about stuff that’s out this week.

The Roommate
Rosie Danan

It will be no surprise to anyone that I haven’t finished this book. But I have just reached the first…sexual encounter…and so far the whole book has been just delightful. Clara is a very straight-laced, laminator-loving socialite from the East Coast who has moved to LA to start over and also maybe get her oldest friend to see her as something other than a friend. But when he peaces out immediately upon her arrival and leaves her with the guy subletting his master bedroom, she’s got a whole new life to figure out. And the guy she’s sharing a bathroom with? Turns out he’s an…adult entertainer. And he wants to help her realize her pleasure is the most important thing.

…I know, right? The prose in this book is delightful, and the characters are already so dynamic. I can’t wait to read more (and by the time you’re reading this, I might have finished it).

There’s also:

Make a Scene by Mimi Grace (that cover, amirite?)

Just One Taste by CJ Birch

Summer Fling by Té Russ

Naughty Brits by Sarah MacLean et al

Earn Me by Nia Arthurs (ooooh, a marriage reconciliation romance! You know I’ve been looking for those!)

Only One Bed Volume 2 by Marie Lipscomb et al

The Beat Match by Kelly Siskind

Out of Her League by Renee Dahlia

Semi-Sweet On You by Erin Nicholas

The Wedding Secret by Kianna Alexander

Crown of Darkness by Bec McMaster

The Orphan of Cemetery Hill by Hester Fox (time for the Gothics to come out and play!)

Love Me Always by Peyton Banks et al (I tell you, romance anthologies are just popping up)

A Dangerous Kiss by Francis Ray (new paperback release)

The Holiday Detour by Jane Kolven

Show Me by Sharon C. Cooper

Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll by Kat Turner (I haven’t read this author but I am letting myself judge fun by its cover)

Forever, I’m Ready by Jahquel J.

Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee

The Pingkang Li Mysteries Complete Collection by Jeannie Lin

What are you reading this weekend? I want to read ALL THE THINGS but will probably sob in agony of having no time to read instead.

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